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Is my JamBlaster dead?

It was working two weeks ago and now the LED does not light (except when the power is reapplied, amd then it only flashes once). The LAN connection blinksas it should when the power is applied. I see a green light inside of the enclosure. However, there is no sound, no indication that it is seen on the network, and no evidence that paring is even being attempted.


Hillery WithanE


  • Same. Mine no longer lights up but I know it's getting power because I can see a tiny green LED inside lighting up. There is no indication on the front though, and the ethernet port isn't showing any activity even though it's connected to my router, and I know my router is working. The JamKazam desktop app no longer sees my Jamblaster. What is happening?
  • Same here. When I started JamKazam, it downloaded a new version. It doesn't see the JamBlaster any more. Please help.
  • Hello Please email and we will get this taken care of.
  • I've had the same issue since around the time after updating the client. Let us know if there's a firmware update. Also a more official forum for updates might be the better way to go.
  • If you have a Jamblaster and the front LED does NOT come on, likely the SD card needs to be reprogrammed. Please contact for details on how to do this or how to return the unit to have it updated.
  • Same problem.... Email Sent to Support.
  • Thanks guys. If you have a jamblaster that is showing this issue, please mail and we will reslove the issue asap
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