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Jam Blaster for sale $150

I'm selling my JamBlaster because its not set up to work with my E-drums with MIDI.
Works great for every other instrument as specified.
Brand new
PM me for details.


  • Tony, please send details to We have a waiting list and sure we can find you a suitable connection.
  • "Brand new" amused me. I mean... how old could it be? (chuckle)
  • I have two JamBlasters for sale.
    Model Number: JB-001
    Hardware Revision: v1.00
    Serial Numbers:

    Have used each in solo-only (with JamTracks) sessions, less than an hour each. Never used in jam sessions with others (unsuccessful at this end due to karma, mysterious incompatibility, lousy attitude, whatever... nobody knows for sure).

    Point being: some people have gotten these things to work, though not everybody has. Some people have gotten these things to work WELL.

    If you're one of the people who has gotten it to work, possibly even work well, and you'd like 1 or 2 more for your band-mates (because, come on, you know your wife likes your drummer coming over even less than you do, not to mention your neighbors), well then here's your chance.

    Send your offer to US offers only, please. I have no patience to deal with international shipping. Or drummers. If you're a US drummer, pretend your a keyboardist... or just don't specify, as it really doesn't matter why you want one.

    I'm allowed to make these jokes; I'm also a percussionist.
  • Anyone who decides to buy these units: Please note that we do expect that the units will work correctly and
    will assist you getting them working. NOTE Only one Jamblaster can be tested attached to one account. So if you buy the two the other unit needs to be tied to another account to work.

    Please NOTE: Expect to have no more than three total players in a session. with an upcoming update we expect this to increase to a max of four in a session. The Jamblaster is perfect for low latency sessions where you are within 1000 miles and expect very low delay.
  • Tony / Kelvin, I am interested in purchasing one Jamblaster now, and perhaps another later for a friend. Are these still for sale?
  • I've heard that there's another firmware update since the last time I attempted to get either one of them online. I'm overdue for another try. Will try to remember to come back here and update soon.
  • I want them both please contact me asap!!
  • Most recent (as of 2017-05-25) Mac software and JB firmware updates, it's working well enough that I'm keeping one. The other was just sold today.
  • Thank you! Im always late LOL
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