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Looking for upgrade recommendations - I currently have a Line6 Tone Port UX2

I'm getting about 14.4ms latency with the Line6 Tone Port UX2. It's a fairly old unit right now.

Things I like about it: 2 XLR Mic inputs with phantom power, and and Instrument input.... Plus it's useful to get my guitar tone from the Line 6 Gear Box GUI software. It handles all the guitar amp modeling and effects as well Mic Preamps / models...

If I got a new interface I assume I couldn't use the Gear Box any longer. I have other amp modeling s/w (Guitar Rig 5) which could take it's place but I don't think it would handle the mic preamp at the same time...

Other options maybe to use an external guitar amp model and set up a small analog mixer to handle the mic and mix both into the analog inputs of an audio interface..

Anyway, I'm interested in hearing AI recommendations and also how you handle your guitars and mics..



  • Stay away from the UX series of devices from Line 6. They are fine for POD farm but do not meet the latency requirements for jamkazam. NOTE** I have one and have tested it. Main reason is they do not have a driver that goes below 128 sample buffer and would not be considered 'low latency'.

    NOTE* You can use POD farm as a VST plugin in Jamkazam so any qualified device (low latency) will work.
    (To use POD farm as VST plugin, the UX device needs to stay connected via USB as that contains the authorization.
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