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Jamblaster connection drop outs and stability.

edited February 2017 in JamBlaster
I've been using the Jamblaster (jb) for the last few weeks with mixed success. I just finished a session with two others who were not using a jb and had the following issues: 1) Occasional dropouts for 2 -10 secs. The other two did not experience drop out between them only me. It would therefore appear that it was just me dropping out. 2) After about 15 or 20 minutes in the session I set up my session screen closes and I get that annoying 'feedback' screen...(: However, I was still in the session, hearing my instrument and another person in the session. In other words, even though it appeared to me that my session ended I was still in it?

My setup is as follows: I have a jamblaster connected directly to my router and paired up via wifi with a windows surface computer running windows 10. I have a Roland TD-9 in one input of the jb and a sm57 mic in the other. My Internet download speed is around 220 mbps and upload is 12 mbps.

I also have the jamkazam app installed on a desktop paired with the jb as well.

On a more positive note when it works it is fantastic and the sound quality is like the person is right in the room with me!

Does any of this seem familiar to anyone and do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!


  • Hello Rob, We are aware of this issue and are looking into it . (drop outs)
  • Hello Mark.. Are these dropouts and issues specific to JamBlaster?

    I'm Rob's jamming partner...

    His main issues are the random dropouts, and his interface / computer can get locked up, and then has trouble logging back in and getting into JamKazam.

    When the dropouts start to get frequent, all of a sudden it says he has left the session, even though temporarily we can still hear each other. I believe it is in this scenario where he experiences strange messages and lockups on his JK session window...
  • We have not seen lockup ib the session UI. This could be specific to his network. Next time you test, have him in the session UI click manage/generate support log so we can see whats going on
  • Can you comment of the drop outs in general ? Are they related to jamBlaster or JamKazam in general ?
  • Hello Mark,
    Just finished a session with my friend Brian (above). Although it was a pretty good session I still had dropouts and a sudden crash of the session screen. Even after the 'crash' I could still hear Brian and he could still hear me. Once I sent the feedback I was brought back to the main screen and my Jamblaster was 'paired' but no longer 'connected' to my laptop. Attached are, I think, support log files you requested above. One at the 'start' of the session and one ant the 'end' after it crashed. Maybe you can make some sense out of this?

    Thanks for your support,
    JamKazamSupport_i Start of Session.txt
    End of Session JamKazamSupport_i.txt
  • Hi Rob, please send these to I will get the engineering team to check it

  • Hello
    We are fixing the drop out issue on remotes with jamblaster. Sorry I know this is a bad defect and we will fix this ASAP

  • Any updates on the drop out problem and when we can expect this to be fixed?
  • Great question. Checking on this
  • So no status or updates for over a month. Lately dropouts and stability have been terrible. Do I just give up on the jamblaster and go with a different interface?
  • Hi Rob, Yes this is unacceptable. There is an update coming and we are addressing this issues two ways. One with a new Kernel build and the other is for optimized settings in Jamblaster. The later is coming first and my understanding is this is late next week.

    Best Regards
  • Thank you Mark for responding. I'm looking forward to some progress on this issue.
  • So far it doesn't seem like any of the recent updates including the one today have improved the stability, dropouts or functionality of the jamblaster. As a matter of fact an ongoing problem is unexpected and random crashes of a session yet the jamblaster stays connected or paired with jamkazam. I have to reboot both the jamblaster and jamkazam in order to get re-paired and back in a session.

    Can we expect anymore updates?
  • Hi Rob, We are working on this issue. I know this is a priority and we are committed to making the Jamblaster functional without drop outs.
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