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Accidentally paired "to myself"

Don't ask me how and why but while trying things out in the (Mac) app I accidentally paired "to myself" by chosing:
Manage -> JamKazam Clients -> Pairing Candidates -> (First Entry, i.e. in my case my computer)

This choice I cannot revert/deselect/reset and so I get flooded with error messages (both in message center/log files) that:
- Pairing with self not supported...
- connection terminated
- Pairing with self ... (and so on)

As soon as I start a new session I'm back to default values but still it's a nuicance to get millions of error msg whenever I start the app. Any ideas how to fix his?

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-18 um 06.20.43.png
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Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-18 um 06.20.00.png
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