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Question - for using the tracks in live setting

Is there a way to download these tracks into a pro-tools or garage band type program, so that I can get my drummer the click in his ear and have the backing tracks on another channel on the board independent of the click? - Sorry - I know this is probably a dumb question, but i can't seem how to figure out how to do that....


  • Not yet, I tried to bang around with it myself trying to ...get the tracks into garage band but just couldn't figure it out ...yet! It is possible though right?

    Signed - technically inept lol
  • Tried this on my macbook -
    After opening a jamtrack, click "show my mixes" in the popup. Then, pick & download one track at a time via dropdown list "or select a track", and drag the resulting mp3's into e.g. REAPER.

    (Hope we're not talking about iPad... :smiley: )
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