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Volume and Gain staging issues

So I've noticed that I need to send my signal coming into the jamblaster, whether it be from a mic or an instrument, through a pre-amp before going into the input of the JB. Ideally the JB would have pre-amps built into it where the user could control the gain, but going to a mixer first and then out of a mixer is a simple enough workaround. However when I start a session with another user I often find I'm STILL having to completely crank my volume to hear either myself and/or whoever I'm in a session with. Either there seems to be a bug with volume control in the software or it's a hardware issue. Are there pre-amps at the inputs of the JB? If so it would be nice to have a knob to control the gain. I'm assuming that when you're telling the JK software what type of input you're using (ie vocal, acoustic guitar, keyboard, etc) it's setting some kind of expected dynamic range and adjusting the volume accordingly but I'm finding I'm always having to crank the volume and still struggling to hear clearly.

Any suggestions?


  • Hi Jake
    In the session UI you will see a button called "VOLUME" click that and you will see two faders, MUSIC and CHAT.
    Turn the 'MUSIC" fader up to about +14. That should be a good starting point to hear yourself and remote user without having to change the channel faders.
  • +14 seems like a huge amount to have to boost. Maybe in future versions of the JB there can be physical pre-amps with gain knobs. For now I'll see if this works. Thanks!
  • @jake, physical pre-amps with gain knobs. While there are no 'gain knobs' on the front there are pre-amps and you can send from the source, pad the inputs in the settings and we have compressors you can adjust
    using the advanced mixer (in a session use cntrl + shft + M to open the mixer)
  • ah ok cool thanks. I'll try that
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