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Is Jamkazam Based on US Servers or P2P?

Hi there, I am from Singapore (in South-East-Asia) and would like to use Jamkazam. My computer, internet connection and audio interfaces are definitely good enough to supposedly run it well but the setup keeps telling me my latency is too high (48.1ms). Is this due to the server location being in the States and is there a way to just conduct a peer-to-peer connection with another friend in Singapore to reduce that latency? I followed all the setup instructions down to a T and do believe that nothing is wrong at that front. Thanks!


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    I just managed to get latency to 12ms after turning on my DAW (Presonus Studio One 3) and not changing any other setting. My interface is a 2nd gen Focusrite Solo and everything is running on an i7 PC
  • Hi Gee Gee,

    The audio from you to others goes P2P. I'm not sure why just turning on your DAW reduced your gear latency, but that's good news!
  • The reason that likely happened is the audio device configuration, when the DAW opens controls the driver and its likely set at a low sample buffer.
  • Thanks for the speedy replies Seth and Mark, I did a search and I think a Mac user mentioned that starting and using Reaper (and ReaRoute) to route his signal affected latency so I decided to try it. The settings on the Focusrite ASIO buffer/sample rate were the same before and after the DAW though. I also didn't have to do anything on the DAW but just left it open, hope it helps anyone who has problems!

    As a sidenote, I managed to get 7ms latency after dropping to 44.1/64. I tried everything on WiFi with a friend and everything worked out well enough for a first go except for intermittent dropouts probably due to wireless. I'll get a Powerline Adaptor to get ethernet into my room and hope it goes smoothly, will update!
  • Wireless also can add a ton of latency. Your 7ms latency is gear-only.

    I can't really speak to power line and any latency it might add. I tried it in my own house but the wiring is so messed up it didn't work at all.
  • There is no easy way to run an ethernet cable to my room so it may be tough to get the typical wired connection. Some relatively good news though, I just tuned in to some jammers in a public and session and some of them were on WiFi and they sounded perfectly in sync! More things to figure out I guess!
  • So here is the deal. WIFI is not recommended as you will have additional latency via the radio signal of WIFI and less throughput and are subject to changes in the WIFI connection. That said, yes you can use WIFI and in some cases it will work to connect to others. Dont be surprised however if your in a public session and somebody calls out a WIFI user for drop outs or bad audio quality and asks them to leave or kicks them out of the session. If your in a session with a few players and nobody complains its fine.
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