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Audio interface not listed on drop down menu

MBox2 ASIO driver installed drivers full updated.
Previous PC couldn't get JamKazam to open. New PC all good except it apparently isn't recognizing the Mbox 2 which it did when the previous PC was still able to launch the app.
Any suggestions would be great!


  • UPDATE~ Finally found the right driver for Windows 7 and am able to enter the app once more.
    Some suggestions on how to increase the reading and writing of audio on my interface would be great!
  • Its good this is working for you. The advantage to using a newer more modern audio device will be low latency
    and driver support for Windows.
  • Yeah unfortunately i am financially challenged at the moment :) I've seen forums about reducing some type of jargon I am unfamiliar with but involved changing the setting or parameter on the interface. At this point I am not smart enough to know how to get to said area nor what the best parameters would be. Sadly I've been scouring the forums trying to find the article again but I guess I am putting the wrong information into the search parameters
  • Just an FYI the Behringer is low cost and low latency. Around $39. US UMC22
  • i got the behrenger 204 it kicks ass
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