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JazKazam network down? (April 26th)

New user here. Downloaded and installed JazKazam client. Network tests run for a bit and then time out with the message "Communication with the JamKazam network service timed out. Please contact support"
System info:
Windows 10, Build 1607, 64-bit OS
Intel i7 6700k 4Ghz w/8 cores
64Gig DDR4 RAM
960gig SSD hard drive
Cat-6 wired Ethernet connection to router (No WiFi).
Comcast cable-modem internet service connection

Results from
9ms ping time
185.79Mbps download
11.99Mbps upload

SofaSession seems to be working OK, so I'd be surprised if the JamKazam problem is the PC I'm running on.


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