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recording issues

hello fellow musicians that don't live by there bandmates.... my bass player lives 120 miles away from me. We have recently tried some of the internet realtime recording sites , the first being soundjack. For whatever reasons I could not get soundjack to work for me but my bass player had no problems. Long story short jamkazam was the first place we both could hear each other and actually play a song together. We are grateful for this but I cant say that it sounds good. We are working on getting the bugs worked out but the main problem we are having is the recording feature. When we are playing live we both hear things a bit differently so to figure out what we are both hearing we record a song so that we can listen together and find whatever it is that might be causing us problems. When we listen to the playback there is a big delay that by the 3rd bar is just a rumbling cacophony of sound. We have tried many different setups to no avail. Any ideas?


  • Hello Michael. This post is a bit misleading. So your having two issues from what I can gather? 1) You dont like the sound quality? 2) Your recording is out of sync?
    1) To get better control of the sound you hear use cntrl shft + m to open the advanced mixer. I would advise turning off the compressors on the channels. Also there are new high bandwidth option for streaming due out today that can provide a quality level not seen in any other program. 2) Recording in sync. You should be able to use the locally recorded track from each player, dump them in a DAW and get them in sync. Its not automatic (importing the recording back in the session UI is not the best way to use the recording). That said, you will need to make sure you audio device is also a low latency device. Check you and your friends device stats from the session UI and report back the delay. You will need to compensate for any latency

    Anyone who has a question of Jamkazam sound quality or recording should listen to this as it was recorded live from three locations in Jamkazam:

    Best regards
  • Mark, Thank you for your quick response. I am afraid that my message came across as a negative posting in which I apologize. I am very grateful that me and my friend can still jam even though we are in opposite sides of the state. We are new to practicing/playing live over the internet and I am sure that a lot of our wrinkles that need to be ironed out stem from inexperience rather than technical problems on your end. As far as equipment goes I have a ASUS computer running a 64 bit windows 10. Intel core i3 CPU @ 3.7 GHz with 16 GB RAM . My interface is a audiobox usb and while on Jamkazam I have it on a latency setting of 64 bits. My partner system is a little older and I don't know the exact specs other than his interface is a brand new Behringer and he as well is running his at 64 bits. When we play live there doesn't seem to be any noticeable latency but when we record it sounds just the same as if you put the whole live mix through a delay pedal that has a feedback of 3 and a delay set at quarter notes. I am trying to figure it out but am not having much luck. I hope this message can give you a better idea of what is going on and any tips or ideas you might have would be appreciated. Thank you for any help you might offer us.
  • Hello Michael
    What files are you listening to? Are you listening your primary local track and his local track imported into a daw?

  • no i am just listening to the playback through jamkazam .. Is there a different way i should be listening to our recording? Pardon the ignorance... I am well versed in import export functions of my DAW but i dont know much about exporting from jamkazam. Thanks for your time.
  • On your computer, go to users/yourusername/music/jamkazam/recordings then you will see all of your audio recordings in the folders is the streamed file from the remote and all the local channel from your device. You can then take you local file and your buddy can do the same and drop into the daw. NOTE** the files are converted from wav to ogg. If you dont want to waste time reconverting them or your daw doesnt deal with ogg, simply open the advanced mixer (cntl + shft + M) and use the option 'keep wav recorded wav files) The wav files will be located in the same recording folder under a wav folder.
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