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Tool for arranging a jam time

Hopefully this is viewed as supportive...

If you're trying to arrange a jam time, there's a system called "WhenIsGood" at It basically lets you create an event and suggest times when you're available (it can include timezones, which might be really important with JamKazam). You can publish an URL, and people can add their own availability on top of your times. You can get an email when there have been replies. Wherever someone paints over a time you suggested, you have a point where you could meet.

It sounds more complicated than it really is. It's also free, and you don't even need to create an account to use it. I've used it in the past with non-profit groups for arranging board and committee meetings.


  • Hi Warrick - We really appreciate your suggestion, as well as your commitment to helping us make the service better. We are actually working right now on a feature that will help our users schedule sessions, RSVP, etc. I think it will work better than something like because it will be highly tailored to coordinating the details of music sessions.

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