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Focusrite Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) not listed

OS Windows 10
Audio Interface: Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen

ASIO Control panel recognizes my Device, Reaper sees device under ASIO driver settings, Windows control panel not showing it using the ASIO driver only the windows driver. Audacity sees is as an ASIO driver.... not listed in Jamkazam, set the Scarlett windows driver as default in/out and audio is messed up and studdering.

Any Advice on getting Audio Interface / ASIO showing up in Jamkazam. It appears to be working in DAW software.


  • Hello Bill, First make sure you contact Focusrite and get their low latency driver. Next make sure you do NOT set the Scarlett as the windows driver as default in/out. Next make sure no other audio program is running. Finally launch Jamkazam, go the the audio gear setup and the device should be seen.

  • edited May 2017
    Im only seeing the WSAPI driver in Sound Control panel and nothing in Jamkazam.... is the low latency driver different from the standard download from Focusrite driver download page? The ASIO Control Panel that installed with the Audio Interface sees the AI and also my DAW (Audacity and Ableton Live) can see the ASIO driver.
  • Jamkazam see WDM and WSAPI drivers on input, Nothing on the Output???
  • Sound control panel onboard speaker and onboard mic set to default and the Scarlett Solo Direct Monitoring is turned off.
  • Audio Gear Setup = JamChat Setup from the Manage tab correct?
  • also i Had installed ASIO4All and have since uninstalled it.
  • Bill, install the ASIO driver
    From this download page
    you will need this Focusrite Control 2.1.5
    and really you need to download their beta asio driver

    **NOTE you will need to be logged in on Focusrite site to do so. Expected latency is around 8-9 ms

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