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Sending Audio From DAW (Ableton, FL, Etc)

Hi everybody. How can I do to send what my DAW is playing in real time? Thanks


  • Thanks Ian, actually Jackaudio is the best bet as you can get it perform with about 2ms additional latency
    and the driver config in jack is configurable.

    NOTE** To get Jamkazam to see and allow jack you need to, start Jack audio, configure you device in jacks audio interface section, then launch Jamkazam client and hit cntrl + shft + J. Then you can run the gear setup in jamkazam and it will see jack as an audio in/out device. Once finished, open the daw, audio config, then use jack as the in out for the daw. Finally use jack audio patch bay to make the connections. Seems hard I know but its not once you get used to using Jack.

    NOTE** Dont miss the new features in Jamzam client including fixed bit rate streaming at 256, 320 and 512 kbps (no other app has this), Audio Calibration Tool for setting volumes without changing faders or losing headroom and adding distortion, plus Facebook live and youtube live streaming. Also we have screen sharing!

    Best regards

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