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Understanding JamBlaster Audio Input Operation

edited May 2017 in JamBlaster
The jamBlaster has 2 XLR combo inputs

In normal audio interfaces, there is a switch to control the gain of signals that are plugged into the 1/4 inputs. Instrument (like from a guitar or pickup) to Line Level from a powered driven 0dB rms signal, and this switch doesn't affect microphone that is plugged into the XLR input which has its own dedicated Mic Preamp which is normally higher gain than the Instrument input...

In the jamBlaster it appears that this is not the case. The Instrument / Line setting affects any signal that is plugged in, regardless if it is an XLR or 1/4" jack that is plugged in. AND the gain on Instrument setting is pretty weak for a microphone...

Can someone from jamKazam clarify / explain the circuitry that is used on the jamBlaster audio inputs???


  • I would also like a response to this. I find I need to run my inputs into a standalone mixer first, and use the preamps on the mixer to obtain correct gain, then send the output from the mixer to the inputs of the Jamblaster.
  • Sounds like you are simply doing this to get more output to the headphones, I would also say you can try tuning up the master volume in the software to get a better level
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