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latency issues with Focusrite Scarlett solo 2nd generation

I have been trying to connect my Focusrite Scarlett Solo2nd Gen to my windows based laptop. The correct drivers have been downloaded and are working properly. When I add the gear to test everything comes up as good except for the latency. It is a staggering 87.92% No matter what I change the sample rate and buffer rate to it doesn't change. I am using a cat7 Ethernet cable, high speed router and internet. I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers and software. I am at a lose and would appreciate any suggestions


  • Hey Steve
    You need to get the Focusrite drivers from their site. You need Focusrite USB ASIO Driver 4.15 - Windows
    and then before you launch Jamkazam client and setup the audio gear you will need to set the ASIO driver to 32
    h/w buffer size. Then Launch the Jamkazam client, run the audio gear setup and you should be good to go

    NOTE** Jamkazam client once installed is set to launch on start up. Use the 'graceful quit' option then follow the above instructions before reopening Jamkazam and setting up the audio device

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