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Back to Two JamBlasters For Sale $200 each, $375 pair

Buyer pays UPS or USPS shipping.

After the most recent Mac software update, I can't get a session going with a JamTrack with JamBlaster anymore. The app on the Mac unexpectedly quits every time.

The only thing I have working with any reliability at all is playing alone along with JamTracks iOS app, with nothing doing any JamKazam stuff running at all (but there are frequent little problems there, too).


  • Hello Kelvin
    What computer operating system are you entering the client from? (what version of MAC)
  • Sierra 10.12.5
  • Hello Kelvin, Can you re-install the app?
  • Did that. Solved problem described above, kinda. Now new problem.

    Selected a JamTrack - session started up as normal, but then I got an error saying "could not load JamTrack. Contact support@jamkawhatever"

    Closed that. Picked a different JamTrack. Same story.

    Both of the JamTracks I chose are ones which I have most-recently played via the iPad app.
  • Hi Kelvin, I need the songs so i can check this. Please provide the song title and artist
  • Hey Kevin still for sale? 530-354-2612
  • Sorry... I disappeared. I may have checked back here the day of, while still working the problem. But once I got enough going to get my rehearsal tracks recorded into Audacity so I didn't NEED the JamTracks anymore, I disappeared and got to work.

    Then a few weeks later, the wedding gig got cancelled. Ain't that just the way? Haven't played since.

    Saw elsewhere someone say "can't give these away". Well, I'll test that theory. I have two free JamBlasters - you only pay shipping.

    Don't ask about them here, 'cuz clearly I won't see it for months. Email me.
  • Thats a heck good deal...
  • Found a guy to take 'em off my hands. Thanks, everybody.
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