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Recently ordered a Jamblaster - what is the ETA for the next production run ?

I also just got a Presonus Audiobox USB interface (one of the recommended audio interfaces). I am having 'better' statistics than my old MAudio Mtrack (not recommended). However while I am connected with one laptop I cant connect with a 'better' laptop (core I7, 64 bit, etc...) using windows 10 on both, and my stats on input and output jitter keep jumping from yellow to green to yellow to red. and only stays green when I dont make a sound. Tried changing to the lowest setting (64) as well. For my usual show streaming I simply use MAudio Fastrack and BUTT (broadcast using this tool) and have no problems at all (I know it's apples and oranges) so I am stunned that this is as difficult to get stats in acceptable levels (green). I am hoping to have better luck with a jamblaster since it does not rely on the computer as it's connection but so far no idea as to when I can get that. Any updates on when a new production run might happen?


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