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Remote configuration

If your management would consider providing customers with remote set up options that would be so awesome and take a lot of the frustrations out of it. There are lots and lots of people myself included that are not real computer literate. We end up saying freaking screw it and sell them or throw it in the old junk box and it's really unfair. Your staff could be trained to hop on the CUSTOMERS computer and knock it out very fast. I been trying to contact support for a few weeks. Very frustrating. I bought 2 blasters from a friend that got the December shipment. She banged her head on the wall for 6 months trying to bounce messages. C'MON GUYS THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA DON'T SCREW IT UP NOW OVER POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Put together a sign up page where people can make an appointment to have their system remote configured. I designed online jamming in 2005 the internet was not ready for It at that point. It was called JamNation. My attorney took it and my money and ran. If you're management would care to talk about some ideas at some point I am open to that. I talked to you guys when you launched originally. But my health was poor at that time and could not make the 400 mile car ride. Anyways please please please consider the remote application. It will save your name! Not looking so hot right now. The set up is the biggest issue. Even if the tech cannot get it to work at least the customer will know why at the end of their session and can reconfigure and get it going quickly. They can set an appointment right then to reconfigure the new gear if thats what they want to do. Quickly is the key word guys.
I was speaking to the guys from musician link. Com. They are bust now because they sold a ton of little boxes nobody could get to work. Customer service was horrible! That is if you could get a reply. Cmon guys! Remote configuration is a necessity.
I need this working so crazy badly right now.
Please contact me and get me up to speed please. Thank you for your time and rambling space


  • Correction support did send me a link to help with setup. Just tells me the remote configuration would be such a HUGE GIFT. If and WHEN things don't go as planned you are forced to beat your head on the wall in between combing through the forum for answers from the investors of Jamblaster. When does the smartphone portion kick in. It's the only reason I bought 2 of these things that were advertised as a smartphone accessory. What am I missing? Help me love these things!
  • Hello Samson,
    The Jamblaster effort, specific to smart phone integration has been delayed and wont be reinstalled soon. The Jamblaster unit can work and we continually release updates to increase performance. That said, the Jamblaster
    is not your only solution for 'jamming or playing live using jamkazam;. This simple audio interface perfoms awesome and will be great for Jamkazam. (for MAC or Windows7
    or for Windows 10

    We have tested and built easy setup into the application for these devices and they are reliable and low latency. So while we appreciate support for the kickstarter Jamblaster effort, its not the only option and we have lots of features in Jamkazam that you can use right now with a supported audio device.

    -Broadcasting (facebook and youtube live)
    -Screen sharing
    -Video (HD and Multicam)
    -VST and AU support
    and much more.

    Best regards
  • @Samson, contact me at and we can try to get the Jamblaster working with Mac or Windows
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