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Is this the beginning of the end

When I first signed up for Jamkazam there seemed to be a lot of people on line and had lots of fun. I used to be on daily now I'll pop on maybe once a month to see if anything has improved. I seem to be getting up-dates every week but not seeing any really improvement. I live in an area that doesn't have much access to other musicians and Jamkazam was an opportunity to play again, now it's just a disappointment.


  • Hi Mark - Are there specific improvements you are looking for? We are currently focused on the online music lesson and JamTracks markets, as those offer the opportunity to generate revenues. And the company needs to earn money to continue.

  • Recently the ability to connect has been very problematic. I'll get into a session and can't hear others in the room. I understand the need to generate revenue, but most people sign up for the opportunity to connect with other musicians. I've been working in sales for almost 10 years and I've learned, you only get one chance to make that good impression and for many Jamkazam's Sessions are your customers first experience. As I stated initially when I first joined I really enjoyed connecting with different musicians. Now it's feels like a battle to connect with one. JamKazam was something I used to brag to others about it was something really good and I'd love to see it get back to that.
  • Sorry Mark. Really there is not any detail about your connection issue. If you want the software to work we need to know exactly how you are having a connection issue. If you want help please message us at and we can work on your problem.

  • Hi Mark - We aren't getting reports of musicians having more trouble connecting with each other using the app/service these days, and we are using it ourselves and not seeing more trouble in this regard either. So as Mark Jarvis says, it sounds like perhaps something has gotten wonky with your setup, and we'd be happy to try to help you troubleshoot that.

  • My casual guess is that JamKazam missed its moment, because the software/website came out without hardware capable of doing the job. Users could only try so many times to find people to jam with whose latency was not unworkable, and could only wait so long. The hardware took a long, long time getting developed (not a criticism, I know it is a challenge to make something that works the way it was necessary), with the false starts and delays. I think that over that time, users simply fell away because we couldn't actually use the system.

    Even now, though I have a JamBlaster, I have never seen, in all the time I've had it--right from the first release--anyone in any session whose latency was not "Poor" or "Unknown" or whatever other unusable latencies there are. I've never seen a "Good" or anything else usable. Was I the only person who bought a JamBlaster???

    I mean, the promo video showed people in Chicago, Austin, Brooklyn, and Atlanta, jamming in sync. Does that ever happen? Does anyone ever have good latency?

    I think the UI could be improved to show some information that would be immediately helpful to users: The user's interface--at least if he has a JamBlaster, if not others, and city. Don't make me go to a user's profile to find the city; the interface isn't that fast or efficient. (That's why I put my location in my nick. No one is going to care what my full name is, I figure--but the possibility of jamming, aided by proximity, is something useful.)
  • Hello David
    Here is my latest recording, three locations, Denver CO, No California and Canada. latency is 32 mS on way to each location.
    Recorded live (mixed later) Stream @ 512 kbps, stereo, (recorded on 8/5/2017)
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