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Jamtracks interference when arranging a song.

I have tried to contact JamKazam's "Contact Us" on the website and emailed JamKazam's support group and haven't heard one thing back from them in more than two weeks. Is there a problem?
I have been trying to get one of the Jamtracks fixed with no response. I am looking to purchase more Jamtracks (I have 82 of them now) but I need the assurance that if I find another one that is faulty that I can get it corrected in good time.
Here is one of the tracks that is messing up. "All I Ask Of You" from Phantom of the Opera. If I change the key or take the male voice out, or alter it in any way, a voice interjects that is not supposed to be there. It is Barbara Streisand singing "You Don't Send Me Flowers".
Listen to the attachment. Has anyone else had this problem and how do I get Jamkazam support to answer and help?
Just noticed that the mp3 file that I tried to upload with the sample on it was not allowed "(All I Ask Of You.mp3) Uploaded file type is not allowed".


  • Hello Dean
    We cannot provide a guarantee of that kind to fix problems in Jamtracks. If you bought a Jamtrack and it is faulty we will attempt to fix it and if it cannot be fixed we usually pull that song from the catalog and provide a credit for the purchase.
  • Hi Mark,
    Who do I contact to let them know that they need to attempt to repair it? Or if they cannot, run a credit for me? Or can you start this process for me?
  • Mark,
    I sent an email to two weeks ago with no response. I also Sent an email to Dave Wilson with no response. This is why I am now using this forum to see if I can get something accomplished.
  • Hello Dean, send again an email with the details to to my attention.
  • Thanks, I'll do that
  • Hi Mark,
    I sent 2 emails to your attention on August 15th. One explaining the problem and the other with the mp3 attachments so that you could hear the problem. Please look at these emails and help me with a solution.
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