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Behringer QX1202USB ASIO Driver

I had troubles using my Behringer QX1202USB mixer with JamKazam. I found a driver that works from Behringer (ASIO4ALL does not). This driver was originally for the Behringer UM2, but is no longer supported by Behringer. It works fine for the QX1202USB under Windows 10, and I suspect many other Behringer mixer products that seemingly only have ASIO4ALL available. The driver can be found at the Behringer web site here (beware of other sources):

It might be tricky to setup the driver to work with JamKazam without lots of distortion and jitter. Look at another thread here for how I made it work on a particularly problematic PC, titled "Getting your ASIO driver to pass the JamKazam jitter requirements with a 2.5ms or better frame size".
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