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User selectable installation folder for PC

This is a request for a new installation feature to allow JamKazam to be installed on a Windows PC and do all its run-time disk handling on a drive of the user's choosing, instead of just the main drive where the Windows OS resides. This would allow PC users with conventional hard drives to be able to run JamKazam on a fast drive, using RAM or Flash instead of a their slower hard drive for all the run-time disk reads and writes. JamKazam currently defaults to installing only on the same drive as Windows.

Installing JamKazam on a flash drive and using the same flash memory for JamKazam's run-time disk I/O should allow JamKazam to run more quickly. It is difficult to know the performance gain without having an easy means to test that setup. Such a setup would also allow the typical hard drive based PC user to keep their old crappy rotating media for their OS a while longer and not get forced into upgrading to SSD for their Windows install just so they can run JamKazam with a fast disk. This of course is despite what small improvement in performance might be found in doing so, but every bit of jitter elimination counts...
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