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seems to still summarize the JK experience.

Connect JB, start session, view the new superduper mixer, adjust levels, make recording, click "Stop Recording", watch "Please wait while we transfer audio files from your JamBlaster to your computer".

Now one of three things will happen:

a) after a few seconds, the Preview pane appears, you can listen to your masterpiece, and all is well.
b) the session is terminated, the JamBlaster is disconnected, and you have to start over and make a new recording.
c) nothing. I.e., you stare at the "Please wait" msg for maybe 15 minutes, give up, and restart everything.

In my humble, strictly unscientific, and highly emotionally influenced opinion, the frequency of outcomes a, b, and c above feels roughly equal. So don't give up, try again! If it's screwed up 2 times in a row, chances are that this time it might work!

What was that word again? Oh yes. BRITTLE.
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