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Two Jamblasters - digital distortion only when they connect to each other

I'm in TN and I'm trying to connect with my Dad in NJ. We've had limited success with this before (limited because there were often crashes and dropouts) and I tried connecting again today. When we do a quickstart solo session we each sound fine to ourselves. When we try to bring the other person into the session, our local inputs sound fine still, but the remote person sounds terribly digitally distorted. This has never happened before. We are both using JamBlasters so I don't think it's a problem with matching sample rates, though I could be wrong. Both our computers and both jamblasters are hard wired ethernet. Any suggestions?


  • Power cycle the jamblaster and try again.
  • Same exact problem. My friend and I have jamblasters. We can hear ourselves fine but we hear each other with a terrible distortion. Sounds like ultra low resolution digitization. When I used an audio interface instead (a Presonus Firestudio Project), my friend sounded nice and clear to me, but on his side, he heard me with the same distortion. Its like the jamblasters transmit fine but they have a problem receiving. We tried power cycling but it had no effect.
  • I'm having this problem, too. And then, once the kick drum and bass come in, the sound cuts out as though there isn't enough bandwidth to hold them all, but I'm running on a fast connection.
  • I am suffering this digital distortion as well. I have two jamblasters with the same problem. This has been an ordeal.
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