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"Disconnected from server" & variable latency

Hi everyone,

My name is Jaime and I'm from Spain. Members from my band were moving to other cities and it was a relief that we could find jamkazam, cause it allows us to keep working on our project. Since we decided to play by internet, we bought the "right" equipment, recommended by the jamkazam team: Currently, we have 2 decent computers (i5, 4gbs and 8gbs RAM, SSD in both of them), 2 Audiobox devices and... other stuff that does not affect to the latency. Essentially, we get everything in green and around 9.5ms of latency (from the audio device).

Today we wanted to perform The Test. The setup is myself in the studio and another member (guitar player) in Huelva (around 350km away). Both of us using optic fiber connections; 300mbs in the studio and 50mbs at the guitar's player place. Both computers connected by cable (no Wifi). Internet speed tests return latency values of ~15-20ms at my end and ~40ms at the guitar's end.

We found the following issues:

1. Latency was variable. Sometimes it did work perfectly or... reasonably OK. Nevertheless, 50% of the time it wasn't synced, meaning that it was not possible to play. It was variable and it went from "OK" to "quite shit" randomly.
2. After 5-10min of being connected, Jamkazam disconnected us from the server, simultaneously. It returns a message that says "Disconnected from the server" and then it reconnects automatically. When it does reconnect, I can't see the other member online, but I can hear him (not on time though). This disconnection happened 3 times in about 1h.


I would appreciate A LOT any help in this issue as my band depends on jamkazam to be alive. I mention the "disconnection from server" wishing that it is a jamkazam servers problem and it's not related to our computers/connections.

I look forward to hearing from you guys... thanks in advance!


  • Ok two things. Disconnected from server is an issue we recently had and has been fixed si we dont expect a further issue.
    Second please use the fixed bit rate settings under....manage/audio configuration/audio booster and bit rate config. Menu
    Then disable both auto thottle bit rate settings

    Also bith users shoukd set the asio buffer to its lowest setting.
  • Thanks A LOT for the feedback. At least, it adds something to the situation and it doesn't feel like we're hopelessly stuck. We'll give it a try ASAP.
  • edited October 2017
    Hi Mark,

    Once every parameter is green but "latency", is there anything that we can do to improve jamkazam's performance? Today, we were able to play. However, it wasn't fully accurate.


  • Depending on how you are monitoring your local audio, @ 31 ms total latency the live play should be well within acceptable levels. What exactly does 'fully accurate' mean? You can easy figure out what is expected by taking a DAW and two tracks or a drum loop then offset one track by 31 ms and see how much delay is there. @ 31 ms and by practicing getting used to it you can easily play most styles of music
  • I did your test and, in my experience, I could hear more delay in jamkazam than in the actual DAW. We'll keep on testing
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