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Backing tracks, master latency?

Hi there,

My band relies on jamkazam to do our rehearsals. We've got some latency issues. Our music changes tempo quite often and metronome is too basic for us, so we were planning to create a backing track with it. Are backing tracks played from the server (master latency) or locally?



  • You will need to open the audio file in the session. Its is distributed like any other local audio. There is no 'master latency' control in this case
  • Hi Mark. Thanks for your reply.

    So, you're saying that if I play a backing track in my computer, other members in jamkazam will listen to it with the latency accumulated from my computer to theirs, right?

    I'm asking because, ideally, it should work like the metronome. Metronome in jamkazam is great cause its sound "comes" from the server. But as I said, we change tempos, so we literally have to stop playing and setting the new tempo in the middle of our songs. Can you think of any solution to this?
  • Yes thats correct its just like any other signal from your side. That said, I recommend you try it and see what is acceptable and not regarding the perceived latency

  • We have some latency issues and we can't do anything about it. One of our members' internet connection is a bit shitty. When checking our connection in a Jamkazam session, we get ALL green ballons, but the "latency" one, which is around 60ms.

    I think I'm gonna make a feature request. I'm sure more bands will appreciate a metronome that can be set to change tempo.
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