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Metronome that can be set to change tempo automatically

Hi everyone,

In my band we play some sort of prog rock/metal. We have some latency issues due to our internet connections and Jamkazam's metronome is working PERFECT for us.

However, due to our music, we constantly change tempos in the middle of our songs. It forces us to stop in the middle of our songs, change our tempo and then continue.

I think it'd be great that jamkazam's metronome could be set to change tempo automatically.



  • Hello Jamie, you should make your own click track in a DAW and change the tempos as needed then play it back in the session
  • As discussed in another thread, the click track is played from a specific computer, accumulating latency between users. The metronome feature in jamkazam is synced with a master clock, which reduces latency aprox by 2.
  • You need to come up with another solution for your situation as we will not be changing to a sync metronome programmable feature any time soon
  • There's no other possible solution considering the current technology. I guess we'll have to stop and change the tempo whenever we need it. I just wanted to the request. I can't complain about jamkazam anyway, it keeps our band alive. But this feature would make our rehearsals exactly similar to when we played together, in the same place.
  • Have you considered the drummer use a custom click track on that side and use it to guide the song as needed?
  • Yep. But it doesn't work. If we all follow the metronome, we're in sync. If the drummer play on time, it doesn't change anything; the drummer plays, then the other guitarist hears the beats, he plays backs and then the drummer listens to the guitar. Therefore, we accumulate ping twice. If we all play by the metronome rather than playing by the drums, we divide latency by 2 (more or less).
  • Thats really not accurate. That said, you really should evaluate the latency between each and if your audio device is showing more than 5 ms delay you should look for each person to have a low latency audio device in the 3-5 ms range. 60 ms delay is playable but not in sync as it needs to be less than 30 ms to be in sync. I regularly play with 2 guys and we are all 2000 miles apart and we get around 30 ms reported delay. here is our recent session in Jamkazam
  • I feel so jealous. It really sounds great. Unfortunately, we don't get that latency. Both ends use optic fiber connections and we use the Audiobox device that you recommend at your website, which offers about 6ms delay. Every balloon is green but "latency". It could be internet connections in Spain. I don't know. It simply does not work that well.
  • Likely one or more of your band mates inst connecting as expected. You should screen shot everyones peer statistics so you can know what the actual issue is. Specifically you want to look at jitter queue
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