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Social media silence

Hi, I was wondering if you guys wanted any help on the social media front? I realised the JK page on Facebook hasn’t had an update since mid 2016 - is there a reason for this? It would be great to get more regular content up and running especially as you have over 20k likes!


  • I noticed also no links to that FB page anywhere. I just went and looked at it.

    I don't believe it is a company outwards page. It's not a community page. That's what is needed. Somewhere for fans to connect. Otherwise the only way to connect is while you're online in the software and only with others online at the same time. This forum is not going to provide that user connection. I have to go here to read/post.

    People are in FB all day. That's where the connection between ussrs needs to happen. The current page where news is shown to us does not grow or strengthen the community.

    I am tempted to just start a user group and see where that goes. I can see people planning more jams with this.
    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • I just created a JK User Group (fan page). Let's see how that goes!

    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
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