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Internet Latency varies wildly during session 20 to 300. Using 2 JamBlasters 60 miles apart.

I would appreciate any help people can contribute. My duo partner and I are 60 miles apart. We both have 100 Mbps (over 10 in the upload speed) in our internet packages. Both have JamBlasters. All connections are via Ethernet. Neither has any latency in our systems to speak of (according to the colored circles)... but the Internet Latency is all over the place during our sessions (swings from 20 to 300 all up and down continually). The Jitter buffer is red a lot also. Seems to me we're doing everything right... any ideas out there? Thanks in advance !


  • Assuming here the JB are connected directly to the router/modem (ie no switches or y cables)?

    Did the JB ever work for you and your buddy without the high jitter buffer? (turning red)?
  • Hey Mark.... thanks for your response. Really enjoying JamKazam and it's fixing a problem of being able to practice with my duo guy without traveling (so thank you for your service). I fixed my problem today doing two things (never really quite sure what is helping and what isn't... but this is what I did). It does seem like my Blaster quit working as well as it did at first... but I can't be sure of that. I bought faster internet today(download is now 300mbps and upload is now 20mbps)... and I unhooked my Blaster and use my laptop's ins and outs (this seemed like it worked better than my Behringer USB interface also). My buddy is still using his Blaster and it seems to work fine. We consistently were at latency of 30 or less for our session... and the jitter almost never showed up. Just a lot of green circles which was nice. Anyone that is reading this.... if you put the time in you can make this work, just takes a bit of experimentation. I've been chatting with a Kazam guy in Norway and he seems to have great success... even with Americans. But he said he fooled with things a lot before coming up with the best solution. Again,... thank you JamKazam !
  • If I have one question at this stage it relates to the Blaster. If it doesn't want to handshake (the numbers count down even when you push the button)... is there a way to reset the Blaster just on it's own without doing it through the computer? (like holding the button down during power up or something). Not trying to confuse,.. because it was handshaking at the end (but, I had a period where it wouldn't)... but still.. it worked out better to just use my laptop's ins and outs. Was just wondering.
    Also,.. a suggestion I have (unless I'm missing something). It would really be great if I didn't have to accept the session invitation so fast. Couldn't the "ok" box stay up ? One could just ignore it if they didn't want to join :) Thank you JamKazam !
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