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Trying again to set up

I'm trying again to install and use the Jamkazam app for Mac. I'm on a Macbook Pro with a quadcore i7 running 10.11.3. I downloaded the latest Jamkazam app and it ran one time for a few moments but crashed immediately when I attempted to connect my Jamblaster. Now each time I try to start the app I get a message saying"You cannot open the application Jamkazam because it may be damaged or incomplete". I have tried deleting the app and re-downloading it. I have thrown away the Application Support folder and tried to reinstall. No luck. I have restarted the machine. I have redownloaded the app and reinstalled it after clearing out every mention of JamKazam I can find on my computer and I still get the same message.

Anyone have any clue to how to get around this?


  • Ah HA! Here's a clue. It runs if I have the JamKazam web version running at the same time. If the web version isn't up and running on Chrome when I launch the desktop version, then the desktop version claims it is "incomplete"

  • Hi Vance, We have never seen anything like that. Its best to open a case with provide all the details about your computer make and model, your audio interface and connection type.
  • OK. Well, I'll start again this week to try to set the system up again.
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