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JamBlaster question...

Hey JK staff, maybe I haven't looked hard enough yet for the answer, but can you answer for me... do I need to have both the JamBlaster AND my MacBookPro hooked to the router via ethernet? or is it enough to have the JB hooked hardline and ok for the computer to be on wifi? I'm trying to get this thing dialed in so I can attempt a local session with some band mates, but in my personal test sessions, there is a really crummy connection (static/cuts in and out) when I try to play a jam track. I haven't been able to get inside a session with my band mates yet, just gotten as far as setting up the jam blaster and having it live inside of a session. One good note, it says my gear latency is at 4ms. That seems pretty solid. Just wondering if both components need to be hardwired to the network.
thanks in advance,


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