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Any players in the North East

Hi everyone, I'm just starting out. Haven't gotten all the bugs out yet but I was wondering if there is anyone in the Philly area or a few hundred miles of it that likes to just jam. Blues/Rock?


  • You having any luck? Lots of people have joined up but I'm starting to think the majority of them are posers and wanna bees. This is a great tool and if you are close by, have hi speed and the right interface it should work like a charm. I enjoy playing pretty much anything with anyone. Maybe I'm just enough of a primadonna to be a musician Good luck and good jams :)
  • trying to get the bugs our myself here. I hope this works cause it sounds like a great tool. I'm on the East End of Long Island waiting for one more piece of equipment to come in. Thank you Musicians Friend and their "Stupid deals of the day". Back soon!
  • I'm a bass player near Scranton,pa looking for someone just to try this out.
  • Hi Darren,

    I just want to point out that you could publicize that you'd like to play a session with someone inside the JamKazam application, or in a normal web browser.

    You just go to, click 'create session', and then select the option > 'I want to choose the time after others RSVP to my session'.

    Interested people can then RSVP to your session, and you can choose which to approve, and then eventually set a start time.

    If you do this, and leave the JamKazam application running, it'll continually score with other people and that way you'll have a better idea of who you could actually play with *well*, because you have a good (low) internet delay with that person.
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