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JamKazam Kudos

This topic is posted as a central place for folks who use and enjoy JamKazam to share your thoughts and experiences with others. There is a lot of skepticism out there about whether this kind of technology can work, and honest, positive sharing from the collective experiences of our community can help combat this skepticism. We acknowledge that there are limitations and issues in JamKazam. Some are short-term bugs, while others are long-term thornier problems. No new technology is great at everything. But that said, we know that many in our community are having great success, and having a blast playing music over the Internet. This is a place to share the positive.


  • I can never pass up an opportunity to give you guys kudos! So here, Kudos! But seriously, the ability to creatively connect to so many, and in most cases have blast doing so, is incredible. I can only imagine the amount of time, effort, and money involved developing and constantly evolving this amazing program. I feel it really has become a community, and I hope it continues to grow and prosper.

    We all know you can't make everyone happy. Far to often the program gets the blame for a bad experience.
    Some people, like myself enjoy tinkering, others not so much. This may not be for the faint of heart tech wise, but keep in mind that all of us commend your efforts in assisting JamKazam newbs. Being lead by example has really encouraged us a community of musicians to do so too.
  • Hats off! Been on the service for a couple weeks now and love it. Issues are minor and being fixed. Have successfully had some amazing sessions. West coast and east coast and midwest all at the same time. Thanks!
  • I joined at the end of March, and I'm amazed at how much improvement they have brought to this system. If you'd asked me back then whether something like this would work, I'd have been highly skeptical. But I think it's brilliant, and I love the way that JamKazam is iteratively delivering new features and performance improvements.

    Plus they are genuinely nice people who answer emails at odd hours, and on weekends, too. And in some of those cases, they've fixed problems that I've reported, right then.

    I know that we users keep posting long lists of "it should do this.. and this... ", but I think that we realize, and they at JamKazam realize, that these things reflect the EXCITEMENT in the user base over what it here, and NOT any dissatisfaction with the system. Sure, there are teething pains. But we early adopters signed on for that, and JamKazam as a whole is refreshingly honest about the state of the system, the future ideas, the current known issues, and the expected growth path.

    I'm looking forward to freeing up some more time to spend playing online with others. What I've managed to do so far has been a blast!
  • I found JamKazam is easy to use. I had a great 4 hr first session with another musician, also new to JamKazam, here in Tucson, az (45 mins away). The only training we required were the available videos and text. I am looking forward to continuing to rehearse from my studio instead of:
    1. tearing down at my studio,
    2. driving 45-60 minutes one-way,
    3. setting up at rehearsal site,
    4. tearing down at rehearsal site,
    5. driving 45-60 minutes one-way,
    6. setting up at my studio.

    My interface was thru a 2006 Presonus Firepod, firewire to PC.

    His interface was thru a M-Audio Mobile Pre-USB to PC.
  • Living in a remote part of TN doesn't give me many jam opportunities. I've tried craigslist ads, local music store(s), bulletin boards, but cant seem to find anyone with like interests and skill levels. Somehow, and I really cant remember, I stumbled on to this site. I'm fairly new and have to say there is a very very short learning curve to really get up and running. Truthfully, I was a bit intimidated at first but the site is laid out very simply and intuitively.

    I am a songwriter by trade and I'm beginning to see the potential for long distance collaboration as sort of a bonus. Thank you team Jamkazam, and thank you David for all your help. Here's hoping this thing becomes everything you know it can be!

  • I left many "band buddies" when I moved from New York to the Atlanta area in a company move many years ago. We always talk about getting together again and writing but we've never been able to figure out how we do this while living so far apart. When I first heard about Jamkazam, I thought it was too good to be true. It actually works! I'm in the process of getting all my musician friends turned onto the service and plan to use it to co-write songs, as well as for quick ad-hoc rehearsals with current band members. Also, with the help of the Jamkazam folks, I've been able to set up the service so that I can use my Logic DAW and Soundflower to play a part of the sessions I'm in. Keep up the good work there and thank you for what I think is going to be an amazing service to the musician community!
  • I am loving Jamkazam. Have wanted something like this for a long time and am so pleased to be able to play in real time with people long distance. Keep up the great work guys! I am especially pleased with the personal interest taken by the J team. I feel comfortable asking for help at any time because they have been so friendly. Looking forward to more sessions with more friends of mine who live in far away places.
  • I just got set up tonight and I am really impressed. Looking forward to making some connections and breaking barriers. I haven't had much luck finding others to jam with in my area so this is a real breath of air for me. Thanks!
  • We had an online jam last night with several guys from Texas, and a few of us in the central north-west. For the most part it worked pretty well. Of the problems we DID experience, I think most of them were due to improper hardware setup at the users end, or insufficient internet bandwidth. I have the highest available internet speeds from Comcast, and it still tells me my latency is POOR at best. However, I suspect this will improve with time. I can state that the latency and the audio quality of those players who were nearest to me geographically was surprisingly good. I look forward to watching this platform grow and mature, and will be online with it whenever possible.
  • I tried it out once and will definitely use it again. Was easy to setup and was playing with people in Texas (I am in California) in no time and in real time. Excellent service.
  • I haven't got the proper gear yet to participate in a jam but I have been listening to others jam! This is WAY overdue. Beginners to experts.... They are all on here.
    Loads of real nice folks in the forum also to answer any questions. Thank You guys!!
  • Although I'm yet to use the service I must say the communication is OUTSTANDING ! The owner David sent me an email offering a personal one on one session to help me get started. Who does that ? JamKazam , that's who ! Also he was able to give me some technical advise on wireless vs. Ethernet to make my experience better . Can't wait to get on here on a regular basis and do some jammin' . Anyone on the fence about JamKazam should check it out without a doubt !
  • Jamkazam has a very good interface and a rapidly growing user community. I have only used it a few times, but I have enjoyed it each time. The Thursday open jams are a great idea! I am looking forward to meeting more musicians and using the service more. Thank you!!
  • I hadn't had a chance to login in a couple of weeks, but I had a chance tonight and I had a lot of fun jamming with various people over the course of a few hours. It's a really nice program that works pretty well. Certainly much better than any other program like it, of which I've tried a few in the past. Looking forward to getting out there again sometime soon and meeting more people while having fun playing music. Thanks Jamkazam! :)
  • The other people I play music with live 40 mins to over an hour away. One of them told me about JamKazam and we decided to give it a try. It took us a couple of sessions to work things out on both our ends, but now we practice a few times per week using this software. I have noticed solid improvement in our playing over the last month and there is not doubt that our Jamkazam sessions are the main reason.
  • I just found out about Jamkazam a few days ago and was cautiously optimistic about it's potential, especially considering I live in California and one of my bandmates lives in Oklahoma.

    It only took me about 15 minutes to get all hooked up, plugged in, downloaded, and up and playing. Wow!

    What was really cool was that first session, when both our tracks appeared on screen and I could hear my friend's guitar clear as a bell in my monitors, and we just started jamming like we were in the same room.

    We did get a warning that we had high latency, but heck, it sounded great, and honestly the small latency was no big deal. I can't wait to try this out with more of my friends.

    Thanks to David and all the Jamkazam team. You guys ROCK!!!
  • Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed using JamKazam, as a musician and a software programmer I can appreciate the amount of time and effort that has been put into it. I have used some of the other "players" in the "live session" software arena and Jamkazam is by far way ahead of the competition. The user interface is visually pleasing and simple to use, your team has been very receptive to feedback and implementing suggested changes. I look forward to seeing what you do next.
    I've met and played with many new excellent musicians and look forward to the next time I join a room and a great moment happens musically!
  • Just been using JamKazam for the first time and I love it!...already met some great musicians and look forward to future releases!..Nice job David! :)
  • I just had a first session with a friend in Sao Paulo, Brazil; I am in Parkland, FL! Just two guitars. Quality was just amazing, no noticeable delays, and I am not even hardwired, I am using wi-fi, (my friend was hardwired).

    The voice came clean and natural, no noise.

    This is just amazing, hard to believe, but seeing is believing and I did see it in action today.

    Very nice job David!
  • My friends and I had a blast! RIght in the middle of our session other musicians popped in, so we got to meet some new people and play some with them too.

    Thank you so much Jamkazam Crew!
  • I tried JamKazam a few days ago and had a blast! I miked up my Hammond C-3 and Leslie 122 and jammed with someone right away! I live in Lubbock, TX and jammed with a stranger in Boulder, CO! That's over 500 miles away! The sound was clear and we had a great time!
  • Slo here,
    Just wanted to express my gratitude to the flokes at Jamkazam for providing us with an amazing concept and support. After the last 4 years of jamming online (ejamming, ninjam, OJS, soundjack and now Jamkazam) it's been my experience that Jamkazam is by far the best out there. Jamkazam has the best latency I've experienced so far (we can hit changes)! Please don't get me wrong I've always enjoyed jamming online even though most of the time it's more like a Grateful Dead concert then a rehearsal session (do to poor latency). The fact is it's really neat to jam with people around the world and make new musical friends. It's truly is my belief that online musical collaboration is the way of the future, so get on board!
    Once again I'd like to say thank you to the staff and the people that make Jamkazam happen and look forward to jamming with and meeting as meny of y'all as possible.
    Peace through music
    Sloflo D
  • Well said Slo. ..totally agree with u...A big thanks to all at JK and all the great users I have met in the last couple of weeks.
  • This is The. Most. Incredible. Thing. EVER.

    I saw an ad for this service roll across my Facebook timeline. I clicked, and thought "no way". I mean, how is it even possible? I have no idea how they do it, and I'm an IT guy. I E-Mailed support to see if it would work on my gear. They responded back that it should work just fine.

    So I get home, fire up my console and computer and download the software. Alas, the audio was distorted - like really, really bad. I tried everything I could to no avail, and then E-Mailed support. Enter Mr. Seth Call...

    This man is quite possibly the most helpful support professional I've ever had the pleasure of working with in my entire career as a sysadmin. Not only did he respond almost immediately, he took complete ownership of the issue and ultimately, saw it through to a solution. This was no small effort, as my issue had not been encountered before. Seth went to every length to make this work, even so far as to try things that had heretofore not been attempted. It worked.

    It's jamming along now, and I can't believe how wonderful it is.

    Thanks, JamKazam. Y'all have delivered the future of music collaboration. And Seth, you are the MAN.

    Amazing software. World-class support. The internet has been won today.
  • Yes I agree with you Eric....Seth is always on the ball and very helpful!...and JK is pretty awesome! :-)
  • My hat is off to the JK staff! Given the complexities and technology required to get this to work you guys are amazing! Yea, I've had a couple of issues here and there but I see continuous improvements. I'm looking forward to trying the JamBlaster.
  • Gotta agree with all these comments. Seth you have a great passion for this, I love it. This could most likely be app of the year really.Cant underestimate the importance of a tool like this, Cant wait for it to grow
  • edited February 2015
    I have been using Jamkazam for a couple of weeks now and I am truly happy. Having some interface issues but that's not Jamkazams fault. Support is the greatest. I am a beginner Guitar player and I think I can learn a lot from Jamming with others out there. We have a small group on facebbook we call "Solos R Us" and I told all our followers about Jamkazam and how we could all come together. Here is a reply I got from one of of them :"By the way I spoke with my father last night, he has been in the hosp. for almost 6 weeks. He watched the promo video, called all his musician friends and they are really excited. Think about the opportunity they (we) might have to just play a few tunes together in there later years. Lots of excitement! It really brought his spirits up! Thank you ED, just what the Dr. ordered!!!!" Can't get any better then That. Thanks Jamkazam.
  • Just and update. I just did a session from a guy in Finland. (I am in Florida. Its 11:00 am here and 6:00pm there. We had no problems at all. None. Sound was great on all tracks and we play along time. no latency problems at all. We even tried some recording and they came out great. Looking forward to jamming again with him
    Again thanks JamKazam.....
    Ps My wife is going to mad at you as I seem to speng a lot of time here (LOL)
  • I was very skeptical of this and I have tried other jam platforms in past. I am very familiar with lag and latency as I have worked with VoIP for years. I also used to play a midi guitar with a high latency many guitarists complained about. Bottom line, I was amazed at the way things sounded, testing with my self on two computers. The reported latency was 16ms. I used an analog mixer connected to the line input of an iMac for guitar and a plugin Apple earbuds with mic on an 11" Macbook Air. I played guitar and sang with that setup and the result was amazing. The recording quality wasn't fantastic, but I think I can improve that by experience.
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