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jam tracks price increase.

I'm very disappointed that Jamkazam has decided to increase their prices on jamtracks by a whopping 150.75% per track. That's a huge jump. Yes I realise it remains at 1.99 IF you don't download the files but I've happily spent 1.99 per track and downloaded until now... I could accept 3dollars but 4.99?? I'll definitely expect a huge update to the meta file information for each track if I have to pay 4.99 . I'd expect to be able to see the exact BPM and Key of every track. If you are asking us to pay more to download then you'd know that these files are going to be imported into a DAW and we Need the exact BPM to be able to line up the grid. However, I still feel betrayed and will probably massively decrease my purchasing of your tracks after this coming week. regards /disappointed customer.


  • Hello Runsilent
    I agree that BPM and updates to the Jamtracks would be helpful.


  • Agree about BPM, etc.

    Price doesn't bother me. A song on iTunes (et al), even if it's a karaoke version, does not have separately-adjustable tracks at all. The ability to mute (or dial back) one particular track while learning a song - that's huge - and absolutely worth $5 to me.
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    Given this increase in the cost for multi track format, and besides of the arguments JK expose and I respect, existe also a fact, there is another large and very popular site out there that offers the same for $2.99 in multitrack and 1.99 in basic form, it would be logical to do without JamKazam and change, but I prefer to ask JK to at least not raise the cost such much. True, the price would still low even at $ 10, I know BT sites that mark as high as $19 for a single track! but free competition and free will impose on customers making choices, and that other site does not seem to have a problem keeping its prices at $ 2.99 for multi-track purchases. And, from my personal perspective, as a foreign not USA resident I have to take care of my USD income, simply, the saving of even a dimes is whort and a must to me.
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