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  • DozDoz
    edited July 2017

    Torie and I looking for a Bass player to join us for jam
    Working on Pink Floyd and Originals

    Weekends is when we are online mostly since we do have jobs.

    We have been playing together online for over 6 years
    Torie in Maine
    Doz in Florida
  • Hi! Are you looking for only a bass player? I play keyboard / piano and i like pink floyd much! Anyway very good sound!
  • Greetings. Name's Michael. I'm from MA. I play rock bass. Looking for a once a week commitment to play - online would work well for me. I love originals and Floyd and more. You're SoundCloud clip is great.

    Here's my SoundCloud. These are works in progress and some some stuff from the past. On these I either wrote or played guitar, keys or bass. All of my experience is with originals but I'm interested in covers on bass.

    Here's my project studio:

    Cool. Hope to hear from you.
    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • Just read the OP dates. Hoping this post isn't a year out of date and out of mind. Cheers.
    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • These guys are still around should go on Jamkazam and create a profile so you can message them directly
  • Hello all and I have to say sorry that Torie and I have not been online much. But that is about to change.
    I updated my Keyboard to Native Komplete 61 and added Roland TD-10 triggers to make my acoustic Tama 10 PC 1983 Super Stars drum set into a hybrid set. I have the best of both acoustic and electronic worlds.

    Scatabrain I am following you on Soundcloud
    Enjoying your track = awesome

    Sounds like we are thinking the same lines as Soundtracks.

    Scatabrain I will send you a Friend request in JK

    Music makes life so much nicer.

  • Nice. Just verified my LAN connection and updated audio hardware settings. Friending....
    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • Sweet and I will be online in JK this 12/9 Friday night if you would like to run some test.
    I have a 200MBPS down and 40 MBPS Up that is a very fast internet.

    My Recording Studio has 2 rooms that are both sound proof with triple pane glass between them

    1room has the PC Win7 Pro 64 bit with Studio one v3, Halion 6, Ezdrummer 1 and 2 and more goodies.
    Native Komplete 61 keys, Native Machine 2 pad, StudioLive 16.4.2 AI and Alesis 16 mixers that goes to UCA202 in Stereo and I use a Microphone and headset to talk to you

    2nd room has 10 PC Tama 1983 Concert Edition Super Stars with Double kick pedals, Roland Expanded TDW-1 head with 6 triggers and the output go to Alesis 16 to mix Drum Electronic and the Drum Acoustic that comes from the StudioLive 16 channels with each drum having its own microphone.
    Other Toys are 6 String fender strat American made, 2 Acoustic 6 strings, Acoustic 12 string and Acoustic Classical

    With Halion 6 and the Native Machine with the keys, I can make about any sound you hear in the movies.

    I turn 56 year 12/15 and my musical goals is to make music for movies.
    My Dream is to one day meet Torie on a real stage. Who knows maybe we can have you join us.
    So we can ROCK the world.

    I am looking forward to making music with you. I have called Torie and he is excited.

    Enjoy and see you in JK soon.
  • Very cool. I recently upgraded to SD3. That and EZD are great.

    I'm almost 50. My goal a year ago was to learn how to finish songs. My buddy is co-writing. We are up to 8. As a result, my setup is back to the days when we made movies. I did the scores for several. One was a feature length. I'm really proud of the score. Some highlights are on my SoundCloud.

    I miss playing with people. My friends just don't have time. I don't drive anymore due to poor vision. So JK is potentially a really good deal for me. I write on guitar but others are way better at it then I. I'm good on rock bass when I have a prior heads up on the material. That's my first option for a band setting.

    My daughter goes to bed at 8:30. I'll be on for sure after that.

    I liked your song on SC and the heavy jam. Going by that song, I bet you're a bit better at mixing than I. I keep plugging away at it. Getting better tools and learning slowly but surely. It's all a ton of fun. Awesome what you can do at home these days.

    How far up in Maine are you? I'm 15 minutes from Nashua, NH right over the MA border. Sounds like Torie is the one who needs to travel.

    Cool. Michael

    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • 65 down. 5 up. We don't have FIOS here. It passes audio tests but times out during the audio test occasionally. It times out trying 3 video connections. Hopefully that's good enough.
    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • I saw you all setup that is AWESOE and Good Job. It feels so good to be on VACTION. To live in my Studio and rock the world. Nothing is better. OK JAMKAZAM let's pup it up
  • ROCK & Roll Saturday or Sunday around 6 PM when I am not on call.
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