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Audio Interface Thread



  • Hello DA
    Its all about latency (Audio Buffering in the device) and the device driver. That said, if you can, you should get USB 3.0 or 3.1 compliant (assuming you have a USB 3.x port on your computer.

    Here is a great article on the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0

  • I have not had a chance to test a USB 3.0 device.

    In theory, they should be better suited to JamKazam. In theory, they should do better than USB 2.0, and potentially have lower latency/less troublesome, because USB 3.0 should be able to easily handle the throughput.

  • I am using a Focusrite Saffire Pro40 stacked on a Saffire October Mk2, routed to a macbook pro via firewire to thunderbolt converter. I only use one input on the interfaces though for this purpose... my drums are run into a mackie 1604vlz mixer and the output from that is what runs into my interfaces. I am getting 10ms as my gear latency score.
  • HI Jonathan, I would say that with the Pro40 you should first before starting JK (app is cosed) open the mixer app that comes with it, set the buffer to 32 and the firewire buffer to 'short'. This will bring down the latency to the 3.5-4ms range. Also you said your using one input? Please use two inputs from (1-2ch) as in stereo) . The prefer setup would be, all drums in the mackie mixer routed to the stereo master out (2 channels) to input 1-2 on the pro40 and just remove the October Mk2 (dont see why you need that) Then, plug your headphones to the Pro 40 headphone cue mix and you should be good to go


  • Hey Mark, thanks for the tips. I found mix control and have changed the firewire buffer to short, it was at medium. I'm not sure where to find the other buffer setting you are referencing though?

    I was using a mono line out of my mixer and only one input to the saffire because I didn't have the second cable available to run it as two feeds for stereo. If I'm not mistaken, this would still give everyone the "automatic" stereo feed, rather than only feeding one ear because i only set up one input track in the JK app? I thought that forced a balanced signal (not true stereo, but mono to both headphones). I have a talkback mic on my mixer also with a switch, so there wasn't a "need" for a second input being used on the saffire. However, I purchased an additional cable now that will allow me to plumb stereo outputs into the saffire now and I will change it to the way you suggested, using two inputs as stereo left and right output as opposed to one. To clarify what I'm going to see... I'll now show two live tracks in my session window, correct?

    The reason I have the octopre on there also is because I also have ambitions of recording at my house (other projects, not jamkazam), and having 16 channels of individual tracks available allows me to fully mic my drums and other guitars/vocals etc for a live recording that I can still have some mix control over in logic. Does having it hooked up to the pro 40 via optic have any additional effect on overall latency?

  • with the current changes my latency score is now 8.55ms. That's an improvement. Would love to see that 3.5-4ms though!
  • also, I re-set up my interface i/o's and ran a test session. I am only showing one live track, so I think that's fixed now.
  • Regarding 'Does having it hooked up to the pro 40 via optic have any additional effect on overall latency? ' No you should be fine. I have a Liquid 56 with an additional 8 channel pre off the ADAT.
    The expected for inputs and tracks in JK is:
    Track #1 say Drums, uses input 1-2. That would show up as one instrument in JK and would be in stereo.
    Connecting channel 1 only and not removing channel 2 from the track configuration would be in left ear only. Simply remove channel 2 from the track configuration to get summed mono ie both left and right ears from single mono source.

    In addition to add a talkback, you can either add a new track (vocal) and select input 3 or setup the talkback channel (located after the instrument gear setup)/ The only difference is that the chat will be on its own global channel and will not be seen in the master mixer
  • I'm using a Line6 Tone Port UX2 and getting about 14.4ms latency
  • The UX series has a lot of delay.
  • On the UX2 - I can't even get it to work. Looking at your delay numbers it sounds like I need something else anyway. It has always been a bit of a proprietary odd duck...
  • HI i use a scarlet 2i4 with a whirlwind di box. works great! use bias grid software for overdrive.
  • Steinberg UR44. The key to getting it to work correctly was to go into the control panel and set the sampling rate to 48k first. Then using that as the bit rate on my audio settings in JK.
    Michael's rule of GAS: One in, one out.
  • I am new to this. I just bought a new Soundcraft mixer and it has USB port. Can I use this as my interface? I need to run my guitar plus my vocals plus the bass player will be with me as well. Any comments are appreciated.
  • Hi Gabriel. The soundcraft mixer USB driver is likely not designed for low latency or multi channel applications.
    You can of course try it and see if it passes the gear check. But in my experience mixers of this type introduce a feedback loop making it not usable for this type of application. Please post your results

  • Hello to all,
    I have Focusright Scarlet 1st gen and have 14.9ms latency. I can't go down without issues. Would like to change soundcard to another one? I need some suggestions! I have Windows 10, anyone using Behringer UMC204HD with Jamkazam & Win 10 wihout problem?? What combinations/soundcard works fine with Win 10....

  • Regarding Scarlet 1st gen and have 14.9ms latency., they may have a better low latency driver so you should check. Regarding anyone using Behringer UMC204HD with Jamkazam & Win 10 wihout problem??, A) works great
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