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Count in on Jam tracks

The jam tracks I've downloaded don't seem to have a count in which makes it difficult when the guitar part starts straight away.

I know I can use the clicktrack but I don't need that once the song starts.

Maybe I've missed a setting or something any ideas?



  • Hi Steve - We have count ins on some JamTracks, but not most. We're working right now on some tech to generate these things without building them all by hand, which would take forever to do. Hope to have something done on this soon.

  • I couldn't have asked for a better answer :) and I hope it can be implemented.
  • Actually there should now be count ins available for most if not all the Jam Tracks!
  • I haven't got them on any of my Jam tracks yet. If its a newly added feature would I have to purchase them again to get them with a countdown?
  • Hi Steve
    Please tell us the Artist and song names so we can check.
  • Greenday, Good Riddance

    Spandau Ballet, Through the barricades

    Oasis, Wonderwall

    These are the songs I need a count in

    Thanks for the help :)
  • HI Steve
    Actually they do have lead in click tracks. By default the lead in click is off. Just enable it (speaker icon)
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  • edited March 2016
    The clicktrack palys through the whole song and you can hear it when recorded, like I said in the first post I don't need a click track to keep time.
    I discovered today I can use the metronome to count in as it stops when the song starts, it doesn't work in through the barricades though it puts me right out of time. I still think its a shame the tracks don't have a proper count in at the start its put me off buying certain jamtracks tbh.

    1-2-3-4 :D
  • Thanks Steve
    We are addressing this issue. Some tracks may have not been properly updated as expected. The click should only be the count off and the metronome should only be during the song.
    Best regards
  • Hello Steve
    Sorry about the mix up. I tested Wonderwall, Good Riddance, and they work correctly
    Metronome is really count off and click is really metronome.

    FYI Through the barricades because of the way it starts the count off needs some work.
  • Ok and thanks for looking into it.

    And thanks for providing a great Jamtrack app.

  • On the four Jam Tracks I have, none of the count ins are correctly aligned to the click track. The tech to generate the count ins needs some work. The count ins are OK but their placement needs work.
  • If you get a Jamtrack and it has a mis aligned count in, in some cases we can correct this. Please message and report the artist/jamtrack title and we will review and if possible correct and provide an updated version

    bets regards

  • Thanks, but I just made the correction myself with Audacity.
  • Using Jamkazam on Win 7 PC. "Two Tickets to Paradise" by Eddie Money. Created a custom mix. When I play it in the app I get a 2-bar count in but when I save it to MP3 it just starts right off, no count. It appears that the count in is the "metronome" track, which is beeps. The "click track" is there fine as a snare rim shot sound. How do I get the count in to save with the mp3?
  • When creating a custom mix make sure you have the proper click track un muted. Best is to use the Jamkazam software client so you can easily figure out what the click track is on

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